Advancements in technology have contributed to the changes in the trading industry. Most investors now rely on the online trading technology while buying and selling their stocks. Increased use of online brokers in the 21st century has made stock trading faster, cheaper and easier than ever before. The stock market prices keep fluctuating every day meaning that the investors should stay up to date with the current changes in the market. Therefore, Understanding Different Stock Market Order Types is essential in increasing profits from stocks sale.Stock-Market

Different Stock Market Order Types

Some investors would prefer trading on stocks using fixed prices while others do not. The investors also dictate terms that stockbrokers should follow during the trade to ensure maximum profit. The terms and instructions given to the brokers determine the ideal order type depending on the risks the investor is ready to take. Below is a detailed explanation of the most popular orders types:

1. Market Order

The stockbroker has the liberty to execute the trade at the prevailing price in the market. It is the fastest trading method since the buyer aims at getting the lowest available price while the seller’s focus is on the highest offer. Execution of the order is easy, but the price keeps fluctuating especially in volatile markets.

2. Limit Order

The investors using this order have control over the buying and selling prices of their stocks. A stockbroker can only execute a buying limit order only if the stock falls at the limit price or below and can only fill a selling limit order only at the specified price or above. The trader has complete control over the price of the orders unlike the market orders, which depends on the current market price. Remember that any limit order cancels after 180 days.

3. Stop Order

Stop order protect an investor from losses by combining the market order and the limit order. In this order type, the investor gives the stockbroker a particular price, which activates the order. The brokers then execute it as a market order on the future trades.Investment-Decisions

4. Stop Limit Order

The orders work the same way as the stop loss orders, but they become limit orders after activation instead of market orders. The order executes if someone is willing to trade at the specified prices of better prices.

5. Buy Stop Order

It is common with investors looking to protect their profits over a particular stock that they have sold at a lower price. The price for the order is higher than the market price for the buy stop order while the sell stop order usually has a stop price below the market prices.

Bottom Line

Market orders, limit orders, and stop-loss orders are the most common ones in trading. However, investors have additional orders to choose from while getting the ideal stock-orders types. Other types of stock orders you can consider getting include basket orders, day order, trailing stops, and valid till cancelled order. An investor should also consider doing research while getting an order by looking at its time and money saving capabilities as well as the risks involved.