Buy and Hold Stocks for the Long-Term

It’s every investor’s favorite dream – buying into stocks and then relaxing as the stocks do what needs to be done without your losing precious sleep. Such stocks are fondly…

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How Can You Get Rich Buying Stocks

Many beginning investors are wondering the same question: how can you get rich buying stocks?  Well, how does a person get rich with anything?  They develop a game plan, meditate…

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Bar Charts

Bar charts are a bit of a technical subject. Although this does come under the heading of technical analysis (no pun intended), we’ll try to keep it simple. If you…

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What Investing in Penny Stocks is All About

Everyone is getting the hang of the stock market. If you want to get the feel of it but are low in your resources, then penny stocks could just be…

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How to Properly Invest Your Money in Penny Stocks

So you have finally decided to use the money you have saved up and invest in the stock market, particularly, in penny stocks. Believing that the only way to make…

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Penny Stock Research

The best penny stocks can be found most anywhere. Many people assume that they best place to find penny stocks is on the Pink Sheets (and yes they are called…

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