Introduction to Trends, Support and Resistance

Many traders use only technical analysis as their tool kit for trading, no reading of company news, what the company does, no looking at the economy or any other factors. …

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Growing trading

Growing the Trading Account without Following the Rules

A lot of newbie traders have not enough money when they first start trading and all of them have at least heard about the money management. A part of them…

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frame to trade

Choosing the Right Time Frame to Trade

One of the main problems of a beginner trader is the lack of money. The problem they should face is choosing the right timeframe for trading. But as you know…

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Day Traders

2 Major Tips for Day Traders

Day trading with the stock market is an extremely exciting and profitable business venture. When you take up day trading it is important that you treat it just like you…

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Trade Plans

The Basics of Trading Plans

Why Have a Plan? Why outline a plan? Because your plan will help determine your trading style, strategy and philosophy; i.e., the more ambitious the plan, the more aggressive the…

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Learn to Trade: Margin Trading

To be a margin trader means to use funds you lend from a broker. This way, you trade assets with borrowed funds. The asset in question then becomes the collateral…

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The Inherent Risks of Trading on Margin

The main risks that come with margin trading are these. 1.Rate risk and interest charges Every margin account has a rather high-interest rate. Over time, the interest cost on your…

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Some of the Most Common Mistakes New Day Traders Make

Trading in the stock market is great way to earn a lot of money really fast. With the development of technology, individuals can now break away from the stock market…

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How to Read a Stock Chart Like a Pro

Every time you tune into some TV channel specializing about the stock market, you must be overwhelmed by the amount of raw data they are showing to the viewers. The…

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Stock Market Trading

Stock Market Futures: Everything You Need to Know

Want to know what are stock market futures? Here is everything you need to know about them. Stock futures are trade contracts that give you the necessary power required to…

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